Japanese introduce robot slave

Wased Group introduced the twendy-one. A humanoid robot designed to integrate into daily life and help their human masters with whatever they desire. The Post is somewhat old, but the video's are still cool.

According to Waseda Group (the makers of the robot), robots must meet six requirements in order to be integrated into daily (human) life.

... it must 1. be safe 2. create a sense of companionship 3. have means to communicate with humans 4. be skillful 5. be able to perform physical labor 6. have mobility
I think the sense of companionship is desirable but not necessary. However... I can think of a few things I think a robot needs to integrate... like
  • To be small enough to travel where ever it's owner requires
  • To be able to fade into the surroundings so as to not be a hinderance. This includes being quiet, and intelligent about staying out of peoples way.
  • Using a portable source of power. A robot dragging around power/control cables wouldn't be very useful.

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