8 watt pc: Ideal for robotics?

Using linux to power your robot doesn't have to be big, difficult, and expensive...

What you're looking at is a tiny computer (the little box the mouse is plugged into), that uses ~8 watts, running off a beach-towel-sized solar panel.

No more large-base linux robots! You could probably run this thing on D-cell batteries, and without the GUI, I bet they'll last quite a while too.

Oh yea, and they're only about $250 (or $120, I'm not sure if the two are exactly the same)

Check out the full Linux Screw article.

PS - I will put up a follow-up post with a collection of open-source tools for linux based robots.

Edit: Here's the $120, virtually identical pc it costs a little more for wifi/ethernet though. Also, you can get that solar panel (12V, 25W) separately

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