Today's Best robo-hacking how-to's

Today has been a superb day for hacking, so I'll get right to it:

1. How to make a remote controlled camera from a cellphone

This guy managed to get his camera phone to start taking a video when it recieved a text message, and then text the video back as a reply... pretty nifty eh? Plus there's a full set of instructions, with photos all along the way. Instructables is a beautiful website. One step closer to international techno-spy! Link

2. How to make a Christmas Hit-counter
Ok this one is pretty awesome... and it's built on one of my favorite platforms, Arduino (gotta love open source, even the hardware is affordable). It's nice when you're thinking about the hits you're getting, but the bell does gett annoying after a while... especially when you have a surge of traffic. Link

3. Botka - the "barely standing robot"
Not really a how-to, but it's very cool, and the guy tells you how he built it, and what components he used at the end of the video. Link

PS-I know I promised a list of Linux robotics resources, but I decided to do some research and try to make it a little more comprehensive, only to discover the HUGE amount of linux/OSS available for robotics. But I am working on it, so stay tuned for updates.

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