So... Robot Arms now?

Doing it up: Skywalker style: Dean Kamen (Inventor of the Segway) has made HUGE leaps toward fully operational and very usable prosthetic arms for amputees (see: video). Dean has been quite popular in tech news lately gracing the main pages of the likes of Gizmodo, Boing Boing, Engadget (via boing boing), and Making an appearance at TED to show off his newest invention.

Kind of makes me wonder how he has time to actually do anything, eh?

Anyway, a short trip to wikipedia reveals this guy has done more than build a cute little scooter, and help the army with it's amputee problems. This guy has done a TON of stuff. The man holds at least 83 patents issued between 1996 and present for things ranging from insulin pumps, to little parts/systems he invented for his water purifying engine.

All in all this guy is pretty amazing... I have to admit. Perhaps a role model? if only he embraced open source...

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