Dvd::Rip Queue 0.1 Beta

hello all,

I havn't posted in a while but I have written a little program to help with ripping DVDs. It's for use with DVD::Rip by Joern Reder. And it queues up the projects so you can leave your computer running over night.

The program is written in python and pretty thoroughly commented (though all in one file). I hope someone finds this useful. Note: I applied for a SourceForge project space, bur for now, here is the code:

MD5: 0ab561032354c2e2261838524637d65f

update: The project is now on sourceForge. Please submit bugs as you find them

The program is licensed under the GPLv3 so I encourage you to do what you like with it. And Please feel free to comment if you have any problems, I'll respond quick, promise :)

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