Site Search beyond keywords

This is going to be a quick one off, because I'm at work. But I'm putting a little time into our site search app (fixing a bug) and a though occurred to me.

Right now we are breaking the data into keywords, from various fields (title, description, tags, etc) and giving each keyword a weight on a per-object basis.

I had a new thought today. Why not log all the past search queries and explicitly check for the top 10% or so of them in every object? Then we could assign a keyword weight to the entire query and get a perfect match on those searches (instead of breaking the query into keywords and searching for objects that have all of them)

This seems like a reasonable way to make smart, phrase based searches rise to the top

PS - I may be able to get my django-search app into the open source, since I havn't found any really good, simple search apps to date :/

Please Upgrade to Firefox

Um... it looks like you're using Internet Explorer. No, no... there's nothing wrong with that, it's just that... well... it kind of sucks.

You don't have to upgrade for this site, but IE has a lot of problems. Please Upgrade to Firefox (don't worry it's free).