Why Hacker News/Webfaction was down

Jiaaro (twitter): oh boy... the datacenter where all my websites are hosted is down :(

mikegoldense (twitter): @Jiaaro Sorry, Jim. I tripped over the extension cord the datacenter was plugged into this morning. #mybad

jiaaro (twitter): @mikegoldense damn... I knew we should've used more duct tape on that extension cord

mikegoldense (twitter): @Jiaaro Next time, PLEASE DO. You know how clumsy I am. And you've got all these dang blasted datacenters just lying around. YOUKIDSTODAY!

Please Upgrade to Firefox

Um... it looks like you're using Internet Explorer. No, no... there's nothing wrong with that, it's just that... well... it kind of sucks.

You don't have to upgrade for this site, but IE has a lot of problems. Please Upgrade to Firefox (don't worry it's free).